Watch “Run Run Run Run by Jack Carson” on YouTube

Run, Run, Run was sung in calypso style by Jack Carson in Romance on the High Seas. He just found out that heroine of the movie played by Doris Day had been lying to him and he felt he had to warn the world of men against pretty women.

Funny how the other side is always the one causing problems no matter what “side” your on.

Run, Run, Run is the song I think of when I’m watching a movie or show and I see things shaping up very “badly” for the hero. The heroine has just baited a trap to get the hero to do something for her and I’m sitting on the couch saying “don’t do it there is something else she wants this is just the first step.” They never listen… with that said it always turns out right in the end… in the movies at least.

But hey what guy in his right mind would want to be a hero for a pretty girl.