“Phil Harris – The Thing 1950” on YouTube

In 1950 Phil Harris recorded the the song “The Thing” it made #1 on the hit charts. The other two people made a recordings that year were Danny Kaye with his spin on the song and Teresa Brewer singing the female version. 

Since Phil Harris sang said song first the big question of the decade was, “Phil what did you find in wooden box floating in the bay?”

Alice Faye , a popular singer, said she asked him on their honeymoon and he didn’t even give her a strait answer.

The conversation of the song came up more then a few times on their NBS radio show they hosted together.

A song a like to listen when I what something to smile about.


That’s Amore

In 1953 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis made the movie The Caddy. In this movie both Dean and Jerry sing That’s Amore. This song is what I call a happy song, a song made to make people smile and laugh.
This song was Dean Martin first big hit as a singer.
When I first heard this song I became a Dean Martin fan for life.

This song can be found on Spotify and Youtube

Blue Spanish Eyes

Blue Spanish Eyes also known as just Spanish Eyes was first sung by Al Martino 1966. One year before a composer the name Bert Kaempfert wrote the music for the song and titled it Moon Over Naples.

Al Martino vocal version of the song is one of the better ones if not the best with that said but I do prefer Paul McDermand’s or Rodger Williams instrumental pieces over most vocal experiments.

Some times you find yourself loving a piece of music but hating the lyrics or visa versa this is one song you will like both.

All the artists and songs can be found on Spotify.